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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 17, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the days clustered around christmas. and you may want to consider traveling on the holidays themselves when everyone is already sipping eggnog or making last minute preparations for a dinner feast. cheaper fares could be yours for the taking. for the shoppers market in new york, i'm brett da butner -- brenda butner. here's brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 911, we need 911. a shooting. >> okay. >> 911. >> miss, calm down. has anybody been shot or were you shot? >> chaotic calls to police after a man opened fire inside johns hopkins hospital. police say paul pardus shot dr. david cohen before killing his mother and himself. the doctor survived and tonight meanwhile investigators are looking for what may have
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motivated thursday's shooting. fox 5's wisdom martin live in the newsroom to start things off. >> tonight for the first time we're hearing from the people inside the building when those shots were fired. they described what was happening in the hall as they locked themselves in their room. just 24 hours after a triple shooting at johns hopkins hospital people are still coming to grips with what happened. >> at johns hopkins they're shooting in the hallway. we're on the eighth floor. >> hello, i'm on the eighth floor. >> reporter: these are just released emergency calls from nurses and patients on the eighth floor of the nelson wing just moments after the first shots were fired. >> do you know how many shooters? >> i don't know anything. we just heard shooting, people screaming now and we're barricaded in a room. >> reporter: police say 50-year- old paul warren pardus of arlington, virginia, pulled a semiautomatic pistol from his pants and shot a physician in the stomach. >> called in my department. they're all locked in the lounge apparently. they can't move. >> reporter: the shooting
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victim, dr. david cohen. >> alleged that the dr. paralyzed his mother. >> reporter: hours later police found the suspect and his 84- year-old mother jean a patient at hopkins dead while investigators say it was a murder suicide. they continue their search for answers. >> you're not done at the door of 8073. we have a lot more work to -- 873. we have a lot more work to too. >> reporter: investigators are also trying to determine if somehow this could have been prevented. >> he had a handgun incorporate in virginia, but that doesn't extend to -- permit in virginia, but that doesn't rex technology to maryland and why was he coming and going -- extend to maryland and why was he coming and going to the hospital with a gun? is there anything to suggest that he was a threat to the hospital? >> reporter: police have now turned to family members and witnesses to learn more about pardus' state of mind. gunfire near the u.s. capitol today. police shot a man after saying he pulled a gun and pointed it
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at them around 5:00 this morning. the unidentified man was spotted near first and independence by police. he ran but officers caught up with him. capitol police say the officers had no choice but to fire their weapons when the man raised his gun and pointed it. >> they opened fire hitting the man and he's been transported to a local area hospital. >> sources tell fox 5 the man was hit three times, grazed in the head, chest and leg. we're told the man's vehicle was taken to a police impound lot where it will be searched for clues. a medical emergency may to be blame for this violent car crash in the district. the accident happened this afternoon on s street northwest. a minivan struck a taxi driver who appeared to be just getting out of his parked cab. the driver hit a parked car and slammed into a brick wall. investigators say the driver of the minivan appeared to be having a seizure. both victims were rushed to the hospital in serious condition. d.c. mayor adrian fenty won a primary, just not the one he wanted. democrats voted no.
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the city's republicans voted yes. they wanted hip as their candidate. 800 -- him as their candidate, 822 votes in fact. fenty won the gop primary as a write-in. it's too late to switch parties. he is not eligible because he wasn't a member on primary day. the man who defeated fenty vincent gray had this to say. >> we'll see what happens from this point forward, we'll see. it's his decision to make, but the impression i've had from him up to and including the democratic breakfast yesterday was that he doesn't intend to be anything other than a democrat. >> fenty released a statement late today saying the republican nomination is recognition of the great progress the city has seen over the last four years. he's humbled by the nomination but will not accept. despite six days of early voting turnout in maryland, the primary hit a historic low. turnout was around 24%. the numbers don't include provisional or absentee voters. montgomery county had the lowest turnout, only 18%. a terror scare today
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involving the pope. fox 5's laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> pope benedict xvi is pushing ahead with his state visit to the uk despite the scare. six suspects were arrested in connection with the plot. the pope didn't change his schedule and became the first pope to worship in westminster abbey and he also addressed political, cultural and business leaders. hurricane karl made landfall in mexico near the port city of veracruz. the category 3 storm packing 115 mile-per-hour winds causing high waves and flooding in the coastal areas. karl forced closure of country's largest power plant and several oil facilities in the gulf. here's one you have got to see to believe. security cameras recording as a curious toddler crawls onto a highway in southern turkey. you can see him right there on the side. mom said he had been asleep under some bushes and she didn't notice when he woke up and wandered off. police say the child was not hurt.
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mom is now being questioned. >> gee. well, it is the single lady's mantra, if you like it, better put a ring on it. still ahead why some men are taking that to heart. and his waffle house brawl landed him in a georgia courtroom. what a jury had to say about kid rock's breakfast battle. gary. >> reporter: thanks a lot, brian. very nice conditions headed our way for the weekend. just how nice? stick around. i'll have the complete forecast for you. but first quick check of our rundown on this friday night. hey, you're with us, got about 25 minutes to go or. so hang tight. we're back after -- or so. hang tight. we're back after this. 0
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a final seal on bp's blown- out well in the gulf of mexico could happen by sunday. the relief well has intercepted the damaged one. the next step is to pump mud and cement down through the relief well to seal it from the
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bottom. the had spewed 206 million -- the well spewed 206 million gallons of oil into the gulf. there was a sightseeing tour guide licensing laws trying to be struck down being called unconstitutional. according to d.c. law bicycle riding tour guides and segway groups by segway must pass a 100 question multiple choice test and pay a $200 licensing fee. a suit has been filed in federal court by segs in the city, one of three sight seeing companies now operating in washington. >> reporter: if a tour guide wants to guide people through the city while talking about the new york yankees, that's perfectly legal. if a tour guide wants to guide people through the city and happens to say hey, that's the australian embassy, at that point they become a criminal and can actually be thrown in jail for 90 days. >> our attempts to get the city's side of the story, unsuccessful tonight. if you felt your wallet shrinking, there is a good reason and apple's ipad has some new competition. shawn yancy now with your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight if you're
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traveling over the holidays, now is the time to book your trip. no. 5 the holiday season may be months away, but experts say if you're flying for thanksgiving, now is the time to lock in a low air fare. they also recommend booking for christmas by early october and also suggest traveling on the holidays themselves. you might get a cheaper fare. no. 4, men are more in a hurry to put a ring on it and get hitched in cities where ladies, single ladies, are scarce. according to a new study women marry earlier in cities where they're pretty rare. the top city where women are scarce, las vegas, san diego, salt lake city, austin, texas and phoenix, arizona. no. 3, move over ipad, here comes the galaxy pad from samsung. it has a 7-inch screen half the size of an ipad but plays flash video from the web and will also have two cameras for videoconferencing which the ipad lacks. no word, though, yet how much it will cost. no. 2, your morning cup of coffee
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may help you more than just wake you up. researchers say a few cups every day over many years cuts the risk of gout by 50% in older women. gout is caused by a buildup of uric acid in the blood. experts aren't sure why coffee seems to fend off gout. no. 1 tonight, many americans saw their wealth shrink in the spring for the first time since early 2009. the reason? eroding stock portfolios. the federal reserve says households in the worth fell 2.7% or by $1.5 trillion. since then stocks have recovered most of their losses. and that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top five. brian? >> thank you, shawn. >> will the great weather last through the weekend? gary mcgrady is up next with your weekend forecast. and president obama announces his pick to set up a new financial watchdog agency. why the critics are unhappy about the president's choice. plus lady gaga puts down the mic, picks up the phone, the news edge on her message to lawmakers. 9
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mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ president obama announced his pick to set up and lead a new u.s. consumer financial watchdog agency. this comes as congress debates
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how best to grow the economy to get people back to work. fox 5's jennifer davis has details. >> reporter: president obama introduces the nation to his long time friend, harvard professor elizabeth warren. he says she'll be a fierce advocate for all americans, especially the middle class as she sets up a new agency to look out for consumers in their dealings with financial institutions. >> the consumer financial protection bureau will be a watchdog for the american consumer. >> reporter: critics object to the fact that warren is being appointed as a presidential adviser which bypasses the senate confirmation process. others say like this administration, she's too tough on business. >> never before has federal policy been so hostile to small business. on the very businesses that we count on to help grow us out of recessions. >> reporter: the other big washington debate, what to do about tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year. >> i am urging the leaders of the other party to stop holding
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middle class tax cuts hostage and extend this relief to families immediately. >> reporter: but as newly released figures show consumer confidence unexpectedly worsen in september to its weakest level in more than a year, the gop is arguing all americans including the wealthy need tax cuts extended in this fragile economy. >> in the worst economy in 25 years congress must act immediately to ensure that no american sees a tax increase. >> reporter: there's even disagreement within the parties on this issue. 31 house democrats sent a letter to their speaker saying they support continuing tax cuts for everyone while a group of gop senators is floating the idea of compromising on a two- year extension. jennifer davis, fox news. lady gaga urging her fans to call their senators to ask them to repeal the don't ask, don't tell law. the law prevents gays from serving openly in the military. on video gaga tried to call her senators, couldn't get through.
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she said she won't stop trying till she can deliver this message. >> my name is stephanie joanne angelina germanada also known as lady gaga. i'm calling to ask the senators to vote with senators harry reid and karl le in to repeal don't ask, don't tell and oppose john mccain's shameless filibuster. >> the senate is expected to vote on whether to repeal the law tuesday. kid rock lost in court. the plaintiff in his civil trial were awarded 40 grand in compensatory damages. the money will be split among four people. kid rock must be paid 15% of that. rock got sued for a fight back in 2007 at a georgia waffle house. rock already served a year of probation and took anger management courses for the incident. it's going to be all smiles this weekend. that's for sure. >> yeah, pretty good and especially for tomorrow. tomorrow is about as good as it gets around here with temperatures only in the lower 80s and loads of sunshine out there. let's look at tonight because i
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think it's going to be continued very nice and getting chilly. i hope you don't have the air conditioner on. i hope you have it turned off and hopefully the windows opened because it's a great night for that. you may find yourself getting up in the middle of the night closing some of those windows. temperatures here in the city are still holding up at 69 degrees, but look out into the suburbs. gaithersburg already down to 59. so is frederick. dulles is sitting at 65 degrees, martinsburg 60 degrees and real nice for just about everybody else coming in, lower to mid, a couple of upper 60s still out there. reagan national today 82 for a high, dulles 80 degrees, bwi marshall 78 degrees and tomorrow's numbers will be a little cooler for reagan national, dulles right around 80 degrees and bwi marshall 78, 79, something like that. here is the trend, though. 81 for tomorrow, sunday warming up a bit more up to about 84
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degrees. cold front comes through sunday night. that keeps the temperature on monday a little cooler there and then on tuesday it starts going up again. average temperature for this time where we should be, right around so. so we're pretty much right in there for tomorrow, a little warmer than that on sunday and it looks like on sunday at least sunday afternoon we'll have a few more clouds out this beginning to settle on in. if you're headed out to fedex, it should be real nice sunday afternoon to watch the game against the texans. just some clouds. it will be warm, warper than tomorrow again, temperature at kickoff 83 -- warmer than tomorrow again, temperature at kickoff 83 to 85 degrees. by the end of the game temperatures should fall to the 70s. so should be very pleasant to be out there watching the football game. lots of sunshine tomorrow. we'll start off in the lower 60s in town, but out in the suburbs we'll be starting off in the lower 50s. so i think early tomorrow morning it will be down right chilly out there. temperature at noon at 75 degrees, 4:00 we're up to
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around 80 or so. this is futurecast. not anything to look at for tomorrow. high pressure is in control. that keeps us real sunny, real nice. as we get into sunday afternoon, this is 2:00. we can notice some of the clouds here, most of that stays to the north and the northwest of us. there's a cold front coming through. as the cold front gets a little closer to us, the clouds will thicken up a little bit, but i think we'll stay primarily sunny most of the day sunday. 81 tomorrow, beautiful, 84 sunday, 80 degrees monday, a little cooler behind the front and then tuesday and wednesday temperatures warm right back up into the lower to mid-80s. lindsay is coming back with a look at sports. stick around. the edge continues. 
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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good evening. i'm lindsay murphy. the redskins will go for two wins in a row against teams from texas this sunday afternoon when they host the houston texans. it's the third all time meeting with the redskins winning the first two games. today the skins continued preps and albert haynesworth was back on the practice field after spraining his ankle on wednesday. he's questionable for sunday's game. meanwhile the offense is trying to come together after failing to score a touchdown against dallas. mike shanahan knows his offense is a work in progress. >> our tempo is a bit better, but it just takes some time. you never know when it's going
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to come together. ear always working to have those perfect practice -- you're always working to have those perfect practices and we haven't had one of those yet, but i like the attitude and the direction we're going. >> when you're learning and when you're new to something, you never have it where you want it until you go out there and get the repetition and the only way we can really get to where we need to be at is keep doing it over and over and over. when the texans and skins clash sunday, this will be 10 coaches who were members of the same broncos staff back in 2002 and these two teams know each other very well. kyle shanahan worked under texans head coach gary kubiak four seasons and mic shanahan played a major role -- and mike shanahan played a major role in kubiak's coaching career. >> probably everything i know from a coaching standpoint is from mike, not only played for him as a player, but he gave me my chance in san francisco to coach quarterbacks there and took me to denver to be his coordinator and i wasn't ready,
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but he made me ready real fast in the way he made me go about my business and helping me and, you know, just owe a great deal to him. >> very nice compliments. tomorrow afternoon maryland has a chance to start their season 3-0. the only problem? the last three times the terps had a chance to do that west virginia happened to play the role of spoiler. now it's time for a rematch. maryland will be looking to end a four-game losing skid to no. 21 west virginia. if you remember last weekend against morgan state the terps had their highest scoring output in 35 years, a 62-3 blowout. this week will be a much bigger challenge. >> i think this is another test for us. from a team standpoint, no. 1 to, play on the road in a hostile environment against a very good football team. no. 2 is to play, you know, in a game as the more we win, the bigger the games get. i think this is a very big game for us and we'll learn a lot
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about who we are after this game. switching gears, the nats visiting the phillies, jason marquis probably should have just stayed in washington. 1st wing, raul ibanez with a two-run up the middle. it was just that kind of night. still in the 1st nats down 4- 1. there's an r.b.i. base knock. marquis gives up six runs and for the second time this year fails to get out of the 1st inning, nats fall 9-1. the orioles hosting the yanks, two outs and need one more for a win, but a-rod is not having that. the three-run home run is the second homer of the game. now with two blown saves this season they are both against the yankees. orioles lose 4-3. one quick programming note. the georgia tech/north carolina football game can be seen on our sister nation my 20 tomorrow at noon. that's a wrap. the edge is back in just a minute. úh>h
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did you see this? former first lady jackie o. on twitter? the jfk presidential library is using twitter to recreate jacqueline kennedy's weekly newspaper column called campai


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